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            Easy Tiger

            Posted on April 17, 2019 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

            Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden is one of the places that came highly recommended when we were in Atin and therefore we had to check it out.

            We originally planned to eat brunch there but the restaurant didn’t open until 11 o’clock. Brian and I decided to jt have coffee and a chocolate croissant while we waited another 30 minutes to eat lunch.

            I took some pics of the upstairs bake shop while Brian enjoyed his coffee.

            Obligatory selfie while we were waiting… LOL.

            I took some pics outside too.

            I guess Atin is a popular destination for bachelor weekend for those looking for something different than the whole Las Vegas getaway becae we ran into another group of guys on a bachelor trip. We made friends with two of them.

            I challenged one of the guys (dude in white shirt) to a ping pong game becae the ping pong table was jt begging to be played with and we were all killing time until the restaurant opened. This next pic isn’t that great becae you can’t see my opponent. Leave it to Brian to take an awful pic. LOL.

            Brian was looking unhappy at first. I think he was cranky becae he expected to be able to eat brunch and we had to wait when we got there.

            He was much happier after he got his beer.

            Some pics of our food.

            So, Brian and I really liked Easy Tiger. We liked it so much we both got souvenir shirts. We definitely recommend you go find this place on Sixth Street next time you’re in the Atin area. GNG.

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            Beardbrand and Bats

            Posted on April 15, 2019 by under Things to Do, Travel.    

            After Moonshine Grill, we walked over to Maggie Mae’s which calls itself the most iconic bar on Sixth Street. We were there with the OUUG conference group jt the previo night but Brian had never been and I wanted him to be able to experience it. Pl, I found out about the Beardbrand ctomer appreciation party so I thought it would be a good way to get free drinks. I couldn’t believe I managed to talk four others into crashing the party with me. As always, Brian (who is a bit of a stick in the mud) was a very reluctant participant.

            Lois and Michelle at the Beardbrand party at Maggie Mae’s.

            They had these little mtache combs in a bowl for everyone to take so I took a few for my bearded friends in Wichita.

            We could have stayed and drank for free all night but we had to be at the bridge by sunset to watch the bats, which Brian had never seen before, so we only had time for a drink. As we were leaving, they were rounding everyone up for a group photo. I really wanted to be in it but party pooper Brian wouldn’t let me. I guess he was still feeling really awkward about crashing the party. LOL.

            We arrived at the bridge jt as people were gathering both on land and in the water. They were in paddle boards, kayaks, paddle boats, and tour boats of all shapes and sizes — pretty much anything that floats.

            I suppose the water is the perfect vantage point for viewing the bats as they emerge from their roost under the Congress Avenue bridge.

            Our group decided to stay and watch from the bridge. It worked for me becae Jackie and I watched them from the grassy area under the bridge the night before. She wanted to see the bats so I went with her and we both left the OUUG party at Maggie Mae’s early.

            This is the spot where Jackie and I watched the bats.

            It’s a very popular bat observation spot. However, as you can see, people watch the bats from the bridge and also from the river.

            Here’s a short video the bats emerging from their roost. They are very small and difficult to see. I was actually quite surprised. I thought they’d be much larger.

            Here’s a video of viewing the bats from the bridge, which I think is actually much better becae it’s easier to see the bats. However, I think watching them from a boat on the water would probably be best becae you’d be even closer.

            The bats start flying out of the bridge at sunset. The whole event takes several minutes and continues until dark. When Jackie and I left that first night, there were still many bats emerging but it had gotten quite dark and we could barely see them at that point and so we decided it was time to leave and head back to our hotel.

            It’s really interesting to watch the bats. I can see why it’s a tourist attraction. The main thing to remember is not to touch the bats if you see them on the ground as the sign below says. I didn’t encounter any grounded bats on either night. That’s a good thing. I would have felt very bad for them.

            Anyway, Brian and I decided to call it a night after the bats. He didn’t get in until almost three o’clock that morning due to flight delays. He was supposed to arrive shortly after ten and at the hotel by eleven o’clock. Luck was not on his side that night. He had a rough trip. We both turned in early to allow Brian to catch up on much-needed sleep. That’s all for now. GNG.

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            Early Supper at Moonshine

            Posted on April 14, 2019 by under Food and Drink, Travel.    

            Brian and I had dinner at Moonshine Grill in Atin. We went for an early supper and to take advantage of some happy hour deals. This place came highly recommended and did not disappoint.

            Here are some pictures of the cute restaurant interior.

            Lois (left) and Michelle (right) and Michelle’s hband Brad (not pictured) joined for dinner. Cheers!

            I can’t remember what they had but I’m pretty sure I took a picture of this section of the menu so I would remember. It didn’t work.

            Moonshine has the best flavored popcorn to go with drinks.

            Here’s a pic of the menu. Pics of food follow.

            Brian and I got full from the apps we ordered so we decided to jt split a sandwich which they were nice enough to cut in half for .

            Everything was so good and the prices were great during happy hour. I highly recommend Moonshine Grill if you’re ever in downtown Atin.

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            Wine Tasting at Texas Reds and Whites

            Posted on April 14, 2019 by under Things to Do, Travel.    

            I thought I would be able to catch the blog up over vacay but the wifi at the resort was super sketchy. They also limited our connection to two devices so, after connecting Brian’s phone and my phone, we couldn’t connect anymore devices. Sorry, grandma!

            While toodling around in downtown Atin, Brian and I happened upon Texas Reds and Whites Tasting Room by the convention center.

            Here are some pictures we took of the tasting room.

            It was pretty quiet in there all afternoon. We met these two guys who were on a bachelor weekend with their friends. They were killing time before everyone was to meet up for their room escape activity. Before they left, the Asian guy on the left performed a cool card trick for .

            It’s funny how we are always making friends no matter where we are.

            They had an extensive selection of wines you could drink by the glass. They had $10, $12, $15, and $18 a glass options.

            These are all wines made by local Texas wineries.

            There was a good but considerably smaller selection of wines available for the tasting. The cost is $20 and you could try three wines or five wines. Both options allow you to choose from the same list of wines. The key difference is that you get more wine in each glass if you only pick three of them to try.

            We tried the following wines:

              Reds listed dry to sweet

            • Lost Draw Tempranillo
            • Messina Hof Malbec
            • Thirsty Mule Sweet Red Merlot
            • Whites listed dry to sweet

            • Lost Draw Picpoul Blanc
            • Los Pinos Blanc du Bois

            We hung out for a bit and even took a selfie with the lady who was helping .

            Oh, I also saw this sign they had which I thought was sound advice I had also had a glass of sangria (see pic of my sangria below). LOL.

            Anyway, we were killing some time while waiting for the brewery next door to open so Brian could sample some beers as well. I would normally create a separate post but the brewery was neither serving food nor their own beer. They weren’t quite officially open yet. They’re targeting a May opening. So, in the meantime, they were only serving beer from other breweries which was kind of disappointing.

            They also had some wine, cider, cold brew coffee, and a selection of other beverages. Nothing really appealed to me so I didn’t have any.

            Since were already there, Brian enjoyed some beer.

            I forget what he had but he seemed to like it.

            Here’s a picture I took of the inside of the brewery. Eventually they will be fully open and serving food in addition to their own craft brews.

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            Fun Evening Activities

            Posted on April 7, 2019 by under Travel.    

            These conferences ually have some fun evening networking events and activities after your full day of general and breakout sessions. The Oracle Ctomer Edge Conference and the Oracle Utilities ers Group Conference were no different.

            During Ctomer Edge we got to enjoy a craft beer, tequila, and whiskey tasting. Not being much of a drinker, I only tasted the grapefruit cider at the beer tasting station. However, I did take a ton of pics!

            There were three local brews that we had an opportunity to sample at the craft beer station. They had a couple of beers from Independence Brewing and a grapefruit cider from Atin Eastciders.

            I don’t really like beer so the cider was the only thing I tasted and I liked it a lot. I found out from some friends that it’s actually available at some of our local liquor stores in Wichita, which is great news!

            I wish Brian could have been there that night becae he would have enjoyed tasting everything. They also had a cigar station that night where they had a someone rolling fresh cigars. I did have the foresight to get one for Brian to enjoy later in the week when he arrived.

            The next evening they took to the University of Texas Club where we got to hang out with the school mascot and cheerleaders and watch them perform some cheers.

            We also got to take some photos with them at the end.

            Here’s one of Michelle, Lois, Kelley, and Chad with Bevo, their mascot.

            The next night was when we had the event at Atin’s iconic bar Maggie Mae’s. Michelle won a VIP package with a couple of band shirts, all access badge, meet and greet with the band, and a bunch of other goodies.

            Here’s a pic of Michelle and Lois while we were waiting to board the b to Maggie Mae’s. They looked like a couple of young groupies ready to party!

            The ride to 6th Street was short and uneventful but Snowman went with !

            Here’s our group walking up to Maggie Mae’s.

            Obligatory selfie.

            The bar has a unique vibe so I snapped a few pics.

            Everyone seemed to have a great time.

            This year was my first time attending both conferences. Becae I’d been at the mercy of the tight project schedules the last few years, I really haven’t been going on any of these. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go this year. I had a blast!

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